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I am Minister Darlene Beavers, a Life Coach Specialist.  I am married to  the most amazing man.  I have three wonderful sons (one deceased) and two daughters by marriage and two granddaughters. I love, love, love family.  I love helping others.

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My Story

       My ONE goal in Life has always been to be "BETTER". I didn't limit myself to any other goal but to be "BETTER", to be the very best me. With making my goal to be "Better" came with an expansion that would "Emerge" into a life time of exploring what I wanted to be better in or at.  I wanted number one,  be a better me.  A Great listener, one who could help others through hard times, and make them feel they were not alone. I wanted to add Hope to a person's life! Even though at times for me goals seem difficult to achieve. To be hopeful was hard to find and life's challenges spiraled me out-of-bounds. I remembered the Goal to be "Better"!  I have been blessed to "Emerge" into a beautiful woman, a loving wife and mother. I have to be honest, I didn't know at the time I had my very own personal "Cheer Leader" cheering me on, encouraging me, you can make! I'm gonna be right by your side! I am compelled to say  "Thank You to God" because His was there all the time, even before I knew Him,  He was my greatest encourager.  My Passion is to help young women In an age of overwhelming challenges, learn how to "THRIVE"; to grow strong and healthy,  in "MIND", "BODY", and "SOUL".   My aim is to "NURTURE"; to train, to cultivate the mind of those who are facing, parenting, abandonment,  low-self esteem, just to name a few. My vision for you is that you will "EMERGE"; come out, arise to a place of your best you.  ​My goal is the help you move from where you are, toward the goal you want to reach a "BETTER YOU". 

Life Coach Specialist

Min. Darlene Beavers​


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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